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List of Torrent Sites :)

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List of Torrent Sites :) Empty List of Torrent Sites :)

Post by 1080p on Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:08 pm

List of Torrent Sites

1) Kickass Torrents

List of Torrent Sites :) Kickass

KickassTorrents was founded in 2009
and has quickly moved up in our top 10,
settling into 2nd positionthis year.
Responding to a looming domain seizure
the site moved from its kat.ph domain to
Kickass.to last August. Despite domain
troubles and blockades by Internet
providers in the UK and Italy,
the site continues to grow.

Link: http://Kickass.to

2) The Pirate Bay

List of Torrent Sites :) The_pirate_bay_logo

To many people The Pirate Bay is synonymous
with BitTorrent. The site was founded more
than a decade ago and is still expanding,
despite various legal troubles, domain
hops and ISP blockades.
The Pirate Bay currently has well over a
billion page views a month.

Link: http://thepiratebay.se/

3) ExtraTorrent

List of Torrent Sites :) Extra-torrent1

ExtraTorrent continues to gain more traffic
and has moved up again in the top 10,
now placed as the 4th most-visited torrent site.
This success didn’t go unnoticed by rightsholders
groups such as the MPAA who recently called out
ExtraTorrent as one of the top pirate sites.
The site was forced to trade in its .com domain
for .cc this year, after it
was suspended by its domain registrar.

Link: extratorrent.cc/

4) Torrentz

List of Torrent Sites :) Torrentz

Torrentz has been the leading BitTorrent
meta-search engine for many years.
Unlike the other sites featured
in the list Torrentz does not host any
torrent files, it merely redirects
visitors to other places on the web.
The site uses several domain names
with .eu being the most popular

Link: torrentz.eu/

5) Yify Torrents

List of Torrent Sites :) Untitled

Roughly three years ago nobody
had ever heard of YIFY but today
the movie release group
is one of the most recognizable movie
piracy brands on the Internet.
This reputation resulted in a court-ordered ISP
blockade in the UK last year.

Link: http://yify-torrents.com/

6) 1337x

List of Torrent Sites :) 1337x-logo-watch-torrent-bittorent-movies-series

1337x focuses more on the
community aspect than some competitors.
The site’s owners say they launched
1337x to “fill an apparent void where
it seemed there was a lack of quality
conscience ad free torrent sites with
public trackers.” In common with most
other sites in the top 10, 1337x.org is
currently blocked by the larger UK
Internet providers.

Link: 1337x.org/


List of Torrent Sites :) Rarbg.com_torrent_tracker_logo

RARBG, which started out as a
Bulgarian tracker several years ago,
is the third newcomer in the top 10.
Together with isoHunt.to it is the only
website in the list that hasn’t been
blocked in the UK, which may in part
explain its popularity.

Link: http://rarbg.com/index5.php


List of Torrent Sites :) IsoHunt-Tries-to-Go-Lite-and-Avoid-Takedown-2

Isohunt.to was launched last October,
less than two weeks after isoHunt.com
shut down. The site is not affiliated with
the old isoHunt crew but copied the
site’s design. This has not been without
success, as the site now has millions
of pageviews a day.

Link: http://isohunt.to/


List of Torrent Sites :) EZTV

Unlike the other sites in the top 10,
TV-torrent distribution group EZTV
is a niche site specializing in TV
content only. Because of its focus,
EZTV’s traffic varies in line with
the TV seasons.


10) BitSnoop

List of Torrent Sites :) Torrent-Site-Hacker-Disrupts-BitSnoop-1337x-org-and-RLDLOG

BitSnoop is one of the largest
BitTorrent indexes, claiming
to index a massive 21,437,061
torrent files at the time of writing.
The site’s torrents list continues
to grow steadily, as do the number
of DMCA notices that it receives.

Link: http://bitsnoop.com


List of Torrent Sites :) 549925_489764731061447_343058914_n

Btscene is a longtime player
in the file sharing game.
This website does have
annoying popups and adult
advertising, but it does offer
a solid library of torrents.
It does a good job of featuring
very recent torrents (good for people
who follow television shows),and presenting
many browsing choices at a glance.

Link: http://www.btscene.com/

12) Box Torrents

List of Torrent Sites :) Title_new

Torrent Site where you get X-BOX Torrents Razz

Link: http://xbox.udp.at

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