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Direct Line Users

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Direct Line Users

Post by 1080p on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:25 am

Direct Line Users

If you use Direct Wired connection then,

Turn off your firewall and Antivirus-firewall both.

If You don't want to turn off Firewall follow these steps:

1.>  Go to Control panel.

2.> Click Windows Firewall.

3.> Select "Exceptions" (windows XP)  or "Allow a program through Firewall" (Windows 7 / Vista).

4.> Browse for the .exe file, For Example (ApexDC.exe) and Tick mark in front of it.
( Windows 7 users will tick under Public and private both ) as Shown below:

5.> Now make exact settings in DC settings as shown below:

DC Settings for Direct Wired Users only !

5.> Now make exact settings in DC settings as shown above

6.> Save settings and also Restart DC software.

***SEARCHING is disabled in passive mode!

If you are facing this error please make following changes:-

***We recommend an updated DC software like APEX DC.
(Strong DC is old and sometimes faulty has not been updated since 4 yrs after 2.42 version)

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